The brief proposed by the company Brompton was to observe the needs of Mexican citizens and solve the difficulties that caused prevented more people from using a bicycle

Our team chose to focus on adults who do not know how to  ride a bike.The process of learning to ride is one month if the practice is daily, however, the bicycle is not always suitable for the user to learn with.

So, our proposal focused on creating a self-teaching bicycle so that the rider adapts the height of the saddle and the angle of the handle-bar according to her/his height. The curvature design of the bicycle frame was made low to climb and easily touch the ground.


Designers :

Alitzel Almaguer Vega

Karen Mayen Mercado

Alice Huchon Colunga.


Project advisor: Ashby Solano

Photos by Jasso


Reforma Avenue , Ciclotón 2016, Mexico City - Photo by Jasso